Dalia Landau - RI

Ir Ganim, West Jerusalem

Co-Founder of Open House, Ramle, Israel



Monday 31 January 2011


Testimonial letter on behalf of Rahel Warshaw-Dadon


“Sharing Reiki with Arabs and Jews brings me directly in touch with the humanity of

'the other' in whose hands I literally put myself, as they in mine.”


Rahel Warshaw-Dadon is the Founder and living spirit of the Israeli NGO Reiki for Peace, which brings Jews and Arabs together to learn Reiki and do Reiki sharing.


As a person working for peace myself, I was turned on by the idea of Jews and Arabs coming together, not in order to discuss politics and lament 'the situation', but to give and receive healing.  This was a major incentive for me to decide to learn Reiki with Rahel.


The healing effects of Reiki are well known by now.  I use Reiki mostly in order to restore my own energy and to help friends and neighbors sometimes with severe pain, like migraine, for example, which often can be considerably alleviated by Reiki treatments.  I also participate in Reiki sharing sessions in Rahel's home with Arabs and Jews.


Sharing Reiki with Arabs and Jews brings me directly in touch with the humanity of 'the other' in whose hands I literally put myself, as they in mine.


Rahel has been studying Arabic with intense dedication, not only spoken, but also written, which very few Jewish Israelis do even when they work for peace.  She writes her communications to her Reiki students in three languages – Hebrew, Arabic, and English.  Living in a modest neighborhood in Jerusalem, she has walked many an extra mile in order to meet people living in Bethlehem, Beit Sahur, in the Occupied West Bank, and Zur Baher Beit Hanina, in East Jerusalem, and more, which in our part of the world involves crossing both psychological boundaries and physical barriers.  She has also been teaching Reiki, as an Israeli Jewish person, in the West Bank, helping to open people up to the healing forces of the universe, to the effects of the power of thought, to nutrition beyond local customs, and to our living relationship with the environment.


Rahel has made tremendous efforts to procure entry permits for Palestinians to Israel.  And sometimes has been known to soften the attitudes of tough commanders on the ground by giving them a few minutes of Reiki, when they could experience what she was talking about for themselves.


She has been pursuing her vision of bringing together Jews and Arabs from across the divide with steadfast faith in the possibility of our helping to heal ourselves and helping each other to heal.  To this end, her dedication and courage has known no bounds and has served as an inspiration to me and my partners in our peace work.



Yours, faithfully,


Dalia Landau

Co-Founder of Open House, Ramle