From: David Myers with help from Reiki

To: Whom It May Concern

20. 1. 11  Jerusalem

Rahel introduced me to Reiki.

When we first met and I learned of Reiki for Peace, I thought I could contribute to peace with the Palestinians by helping to develop her web site. Rahel was grateful for the offer, but insisted that I had to do the Reiki course first.

What follows is the result of that course, how I see the world today, and how I believe Reiki and Rahel can change it.

Why Conflict

Conflict and confrontations within and between societies have their origins in our primeval past when “Survival of the fittest” was the axiom. We are no longer the beasts who roamed that primordial landscape. We have evolved into intelligent human beings and with that human intelligence comes awareness, awareness and responsibility for what we do to each other.

We have survived, we are now the dominant species, but that dominance has become an obsession and now we must dominate everything and everyone around us. Why is this desire for possession and control the norm? This is not the behavior we would wish to see  in another intelligence if they where to make themselves known to us (indeed it is our greatest fear), we would call them primitive and barbaric and rightly so, but this is who we are today.

As well as the physical pain and suffering caused by conflict, it also does great harm to our spiritual well being. As long as we live in a state of conflict the spirit will remain dormant, for it has no place to grow and evolve in our conflict ridden world. So we remain a society with only physical values, and possessions, but spiritually barren.

How can we cure this condition of conflict that spreads through our societies like a deadly virus.?

We must turn this tide of conflict and confrontation before it drowns us all.

Is Reiki the antidote that we are looking for?

Why Reiki

In July 2010 I took Rahel’s first degree Reiki course, with a group of Palestinians and Israelies. Not only was this my first introduction to Reiki, but it was also the first time in the 35 years that I have lived here, that I was sitting down together with my Palestinian neighbors. Learning Reiki together with them was a very enlightening experience. Rahel gave us the ability to receive and to pass on to others Reiki energy, she taught us to heal ourselves and each other. Once these channels for healing have been established and the energy begins to flow into you and through you into others the connection cannot be broken, you will always have the ability to access and use this life force, universal energy.

Before I took this introductory course with Rahel, the biggest question for me was how do I know that this Reiki exists? How do I know that it’s not just a figment of our imagination? My universe consists of the physical, if I can’t weigh it and measure it, if it doesn’t appear on a physical spectrum for me it doesn’t exist. Both I and Rahel have our roots in the same Western culture, in the same physical reality. She is a trained physicist, she studied molecular biology and is a graduate from M.I.T. she has a far deeper understanding of this physical universe than I.

One of the first questions that I asked Rahel during the course was “How do you as a trained scientist justify the existence of Reiki? Now I see that without completing the Reiki course I could not receive the answer, I understand now that my physical senses are very well developed but my spiritual senses are not. Today I am aware of this Reiki energy as a very tangible presence, as a healer and a guiding hand that ensures the success of my endevours.  

I still do not have the experience or the confidence to believe that I can heal others, I know I can heal myself. I know this energy exists as sure as I know the sun shines. I feel its glow like a light at the end of my tunnel. Reiki  is a positive healing energy every bit as real as the negative energies of fear and hatred that fuel conflicts.

Reiki has become the central focus of my life, I believe it can be the basis for a new order that will replace the one based on physical power that exists today.

Reiki replaces the brut force that dictated how relationships between societies evolved in the past with a new way to communicate in a language of care, kindness and generosity.

Once you are aware of this energy and know to use it,  you cannot return to conflict, it is a life changing event – a cure for conflict.

I think that Rahel together with Reiki and Reiki for Peace offers a real basis for a permanent solution/cure to the conflict between the people of this area. The countless number of individuals that have received treatments from her, the many Palestinians and Israelis that have attended her courses, the many people she has personally helped through her generosity and concern, and her active involvement in many peace forums are all testimony to her vision of a better world.