Giora Israel - RII

The Students’ TV Channel, Co-Director

Jerusalem, Israel

Translated from Hebrew to English


Re:  My Reiki teacher Rahel Warshaw-Dadon



Sunday 30 January 2011


“Her success will be our success as human beings”


In 2007, I finished my first degree Reiki training by Rahel, and in the next few days, I will finish my second degree training, also by Rahel.  In the Reiki courses and Reiki Sharing Meetings that Rahel holds regularly – I became acquainted with a teacher and a spiritual counselor of amazing power.  With vigorous enthusiasm and personal investment she creates activities to spread Reiki in order to bring hearts close together.  She and her work awaken my appreciation at the highest level, no less.


The activities of Reiki for Peace help to bridge the gaps of language and ethnic differences in the simplest and most obvious way – with touch.  Touch between two people, and the Reiki energy passed through the touch, without any interference, the purest and simplest place, can create, each time anew, an amazing powerful experience of which the resonance remains with the recipient of the treatment as with the practitioner (and generally we take turns) for a long time after the end of the treatment.


Rahel is surrounded by an “army” of supporters and students.  In them, she creates the roots of the principles of Reiki and of Unconditional Love.  Every year, she creates dozens of meetings at which both Jews and Palestinians participate, that are truly moving for all of us.


Without any external financial support, with great personal sacrifice, Rahel touches the lives of people in the true belief that political and social change start, first of all, with peace between individuals.


I cannot do other than to wish her great blessings and success and strength on this important way that she and all of us are on together.  Her success will be our success as human beings.



Respectfully yours,


Giora Israel