Hanna Siniora, IPCRI Co-Director

                                                       Beit Hanina, Jerusalem


                                                      Thursday 6 August 2009



Re:  What Reiki does for me and why Reiki for Peace?



I was introduced to Reiki by a nice gentlewoman by the name of Rahel.  I actually took a training course over a long weekend, and some refreshers.  I feel very comfortable with Reiki and I give myself Reiki generally, and also in case of physical or emotional crisis.  I feel that it calms me down.  It also helps pain to subside.  Spiritually, Reiki helps a person to feel a sort of unknown, healing power passing through his system.  


The history of Reiki is entrenched in the traditions of China and Japan and recently it has been globally popular, especially, I think, in the United States and Israel.  Personally, I believe that every person should get acquainted with Reiki, which will certainly help in the case of many of the sorts of illnesses that have not responded to regular medical care.


In our Institute, IPCRI, for the last two years, we have Reiki for Peace as part of the program for the weekend long seminars about Peace Education.  Reiki for Peace has become a popular part of the program.  


I believe that Reiki makes people who come from different conflict areas listen to their adversaries for the first time.   When people share Reiki together, they find a way to finally understand the needs of the other participants who may be their adversaries.  Thus, Reiki is a very unique tool that not only heals spiritually and physically, but also actually brings antagonists together.  Thus, I believe that the non-profit organization Reiki for Peace can surely help to bring understanding and peace to our region.


Very sincerely yours,



           Hanna Siniora

IPCRI Palestinian Co-Director