Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann – RII student of

Reiki Master Rahel Warshaw-Dadon

Chicago IL and Los Angeles CA, USA




Friday 28 January 2011





I first encountered Reiki through Rahel's healing hands.  She is a person who surprises you:  a molecular geneticist with a scientists' mind, meticulousness and work ethic - and what she does comes as a surprise to some people, i.e., passing universal healing energy through her hands and intention into people, conflicts, situations, into the world to create greater peace and healing.


Rahel's no-nonsense approach to her work brings together Palestinians and Jews - not to have explicit conversations about the conflict, per se, but to heal pain.  Where ever that pain comes from, whomever's fault one may think it is, whatever analysis a person might give it, Reiki transcends all of that cognitive and often impossible thinking that leave people at an impasse.  Reiki asks people to put their hands on another and to let the energy of universal life flow and heal.  This is the power of Reiki, and the power that Rahel transmits to her students, month after month, year after year.  



Bless Rahel, bless the work of her hands,


Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann