From:  Marilyn Katz - RI

West Jerusalem, Israel


Monday July 27th, 2009





Having reached the age of 65 with wonderful health (so I thought) and never having taken even an aspirin, I truly felt that I was invincible.  Riding my bike all over hilly Jerusalem was easy for me and part of my daily life.  Recently, I traveled to New York City to visit my grandchildren.  One morning, actually from a sitting position, I keeled over, hitting my head on the stone ledge of the shower stall.  There was no dizziness beforehand, no warning, I just passed out.  An ambulance took me to the hospital where I was admitted due to my blood pressure significantly dropping each time I would sit or stand.  It went down to 60/40!

Conventional medicine has nothing whatsoever to RAISE one's blood pressure - only to lower it.  My son sought the advice of a holistic doctor who recommended a juice drink made out of carrots, parsley and a green apple twice a day in order to raise my blood pressure.  It worked and two days later I was released from the hospital.  Still, I could barely stand up, much less move or walk.  After I returned home to Jerusalem, my daughter mentioned something called "Reiki".  Now, I no longer label it as a "something" but call it a life saving tool that anyone and everyone may eventually learn to use to heal themselves, or, just live a more healthy life.  It is the simplest possible form – after receiving Reiki attunements, simply place your hands palms down on your body and allow your own mind-body to send the needed energy wherever it is needed.  REIKI SAVED MY LIFE!  Traveling for the first treatment, I had to lie down in the back seat of a car because I could not sit up for the ride.  After ONLY THREE treatments, I was able to walk to the bus and get there on my own.

Having grown up in the "system" of conventional medicine, I too thought that this may be a bluff:  how in the world could placing my hands on my body restore the energy which had been burned out due to personal stress?  However, I am sure, now, that just being able to walk to the bus stop, get up on the bus and travel for 15 minutes; then, change for another bus, would not have been possible without the Reiki treatments.

I still have a long way to go; but, Reiki is also wonderful for it has calmed my nerves and I no longer wake up with a queasy stomach with butterflies flying around inside.  And Reiki gave me patience.  Our bodies are not just physical and mental but must be filled with energy just as a car needs the proper fuel to run.  Possibly, with continued juice drinks made of various foods, I might eventually have returned to be the energetic woman that I always was.  However, that might have taken far more than a year, which would have deepened my already severe depression.  Reiki works much faster with many more benefits.  The holistic doctor in New York City also treated my depression with organic food pills; which, now, with Reiki, I no longer need.

I call Reiki phenomenal, fantastic, amazing, and every other superlative in the English language!  It is a benefit that the entire world might eventually learn and do independently.  We often hear advertisements on television, radio, or read them in newspapers; and, quite often, the ad may say -"... may not be for everyone and these are the side effects ...".  But I say that Reiki IS for everyone and EVERYONE may benefit.  The phenomenal part of Reiki is that our own mind-bodies will decide where the energy is needed to heal, whether from depression or pain from any and all illnesses, even cancer.  And, of course, Reiki has no ill effects - only benefits.

Now, instead of being nervous and worrying, I now open my eyes with a smile and, again, look forward to the day.  To me, Reiki means living my life to its fullest.  I am truly thankful to my daughter for mentioning Reiki to me, and, most of all to my Reiki Master and Teacher, Rahel Warshaw-Dadon for her knowledge, expertise, and total desire to heal the entire world, one Reiki student at a time.  Without Reiki and Rahel, I am not quite sure that I would still be alive!

I have been telling people that if everyone in the world would become a Reiki practitioner, there could not possibly be wars, because Reiki calms us and makes us happier.  No one who is calm and happy wants to fight.  Moreover, Reiki supports our self-esteem.  No one who has strong self-esteem has the need to criticize others.  With Reiki, our world will be a nicer place to live in.



Sent by Email, five months later, on 17 January 2010:  Doing different things (and riding my bike again!) …         I always make sure that I give myself one full Reiki treatment each day.  …., I still say that it got me back towards health.  No one could ever say anything different, thanx!