Moshe Avni, Born in 1937 in Kibbutz Kfar Blum,

the Upper Galilee, in the Land of Israel.

RII student of Reiki Master Rahel Warshaw-Dadon  


Translated from Hebrew to English




28 January 2011


“…to progress towards the dream of a shared peace

that will be a blessing for everyone in our region.”


I became aware of Reiki as a treatment method, both for self-treatment and for treatment of others, when I met Rahel Warshaw-Dadon in 1997.  At that time, I took first degree Reiki training from Rahel’s teacher, when she herself was still a new professional Reiki Practitioner.


Reiki makes it possible for us to be aware, to give attention, – first to myself, and later to my fellow man – which is one of the wonderful things that are part of the essence of Reiki.  I first received and understood the essence of Reiki, and the whole meaning that is in Reiki, from Rahel, now my Reiki teacher, in the year 2007, when I asked to take first degree Reiki training a second time, this time with her.


The method of treatment with Reiki is always personal, without any physical penetration or manipulation, rather, Reiki treatments are done gently and sensitively.  Actually, the practice of Reiki helps us to develop patience, tolerance, and sensitivity, both for ourselves and for others.  The effects of Reiki treatments are deep and effective.  Thus, in this respect, the connection between the essence of Reiki and the significance of Peace is natural and even obvious:  peace with myself, peace with my neighbor, peace between people and peace between Peoples.


Receiving Reiki supports our ability to accept ourselves and also to accept our fellow man with all the differences:  different world views, different customs, different backgrounds.  In this way, it is possible to overcome suspicions and anger, and to come to what brings us closer so that we can live together:  not to control and not to be controlled.  That was the idea that Rahel had when she created the NGO Reiki for Peace in 2003.


Reiki treatments can bring us to personal healing, each person for himself, and also for healing the connections between us – the Jewish People and the Palestinian People, and thus to “heal” the deep conflict that exists in our region:  a conflict that has lasted for many years, based on lack of communication and fear.  In this way, Reiki can also be a bridge for real understanding and the development of a common road towards peace.


Over the years since Reiki for Peace was founded, I have noticed a change in the people who have met with Rahel in Reiki classes and in the framework of shared Reiki treatments.  In these meetings, I have watched as barriers have fallen, and people of different religions, different languages, and different backgrounds – both national and ethnic – have found a way to connect together in a way that is deep, real, and lasting.


I believe that with the help of Reiki for Peace, as directed by Rahel Warshaw-Dadon, we will be able to progress towards the dream of a shared peace that will be a blessing for everyone in our region.



   Moshe Avni


Devoted student of

  Reiki for Peace