Nafiza Badarin - RI

Shuafat Refugee Camp, via Israel


21 July 2009


Re:  How Reiki and Reiki for Peace have changed my life.


I met my teacher, Reiki Master Rahel Warshaw-Dadon, at a Peace Conference, actually on a bus on the way to AlQuds University, in Abu Dis (in the Occupied Palestinian Territories).  We talked all the way.  I told Rahel about my mother and her illness, and Rahel told me about Reiki.  She even gave me some Reiki on the bus.  I asked her to come to my home in Shuafat Refugee Camp to tell my family about Reiki.  She came and talked about Reiki with my parents, my aunts, and my sister-in-law.  After that, she invited me to come to a Reiki course in her home in West Jerusalem, in January 2009.  I decided to come, even though the course was to be taught in Hebrew, which is not so easy for me.  It was a good thing that I came when I did.

About my Mother:

My mother had advanced cancer in her lung and in her lymphatic system.  The chemotherapy made her health worse.  There seemed to be nothing that we could do to help her.  Fortunately, I started to learn Reiki before she died.  It was only after one Reiki class, and she was very ill.         I gave her Reiki and the Reiki made her relax and rest.  The Reiki that I gave made it possible for her to die gently.  I saw her suffering a lot in her life, both from a difficult life (ten children) and from the chemotherapy.  When she received Reiki from my hands, she was no longer frightened, she relaxed, and she was able to die without struggling or pain.

About myself:

Everything in my life changed for the better since I took Rahel’s Reiki course.  Reiki changed my life for ever.  I even started waking up early in the morning and going to work out in the gym before going to my job, because I was so full of energy!  

Before I took Reiki training, I had high Creatinine (meaning that my kidneys were not filtering properly so that the poison in my blood was high).  After I took the Reiki course, after I treated myself for about three months, I was tested again, and the Creatinine level was down to normal.  In addition, I had a cyst on my ovary which was very painful and caused me to go to the Emergency Room twice.  I was told that there was nothing that could be done for me, and that the cyst and the pain would come and go.  About five months after I took Reiki training, I had an ultrasound test, in which everything was clean with no cyst.  It has not returned.

About Sharing Reiki with Israelis:

It was important to me that I took a Reiki course in Hebrew, with Israeli Jewish students.  Over the four meetings of the course, we became good friends, and we will stay in touch and support each other with Reiki.  A couple of months after my course, I helped my Reiki teacher, Rahel, to give an introduction to Reiki to people in the West Bank near Jerusalem.  I met different kinds of people who seemed very special to me.  I helped Rahel both by translating from English to Arabic, and by helping her to demonstrate Reiki.  I gave Reiki treatments to Jewish, Christian (European), and Muslim people.  It was very moving for me.  For me, that was an historical moment!  Because I want every one in this world to know how we could live in this country all together in peace and in good health and to give people around us healthy energy.  It is a waste of our lives to be fighting together instead of living in peace together.  

There was a professional photographer at that meeting, who photographed the whole thing.          I asked her to indicate on all of the pictures of the day that I am Palestinian and I am giving Reiki to everyone – it does not matter to me who they are.  And Reiki is for every thing that is alive.  My teacher taught me, in that moment, when she gave Reiki to an injured dog that Reiki is for Peace and for Health for everything in this life!  And I love my teacher because she opened my energy in this life, and I appreciate her a lot.


Very sincerely,